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About Us

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About Us

The Department of Law Enforcement is the centralization of state law enforcement functions in Hawaii with the goal of enhancing public safety. This involves enforcing the Uniform Controlled Substance Act and investigating violations of relevant statutes and rules. The department oversees various administrative aspects, including program planning, budgeting, accounting, procurement, and human resources, adhering to applicable laws and regulations.

As the primary law enforcement entity, the department aims to preserve public peace, prevent crime, and protect individuals and property. It administers statewide programs to ensure public safety, safeguard state property, and enforce laws. Additionally, the department conducts criminal investigations involving its own employees or against its property.

A significant focus is placed on the development, coordination, and implementation of a comprehensive Homeland Security program for the state. This involves collaboration with federal, state, county, and private sector stakeholders to address security concerns and ensure the safety of the state of Hawaii.


To stand for safety with respect for all by engaging in just, transparent, unbiased and responsive Law Enforcement, to do so we the spirit of Aloha and dignity and in collaboration with the community; and maintain and build trust and respect as the guardian of constitutional and human rights.

Department Goals

To protect the individual and property from injury and loss caused by criminal actions by providing and coordinating services, facilities, and legislation to preserve the peace; enforce specific laws, rules, and regulations to prevent and control crime; prevent and deter crimes; and serve the legal process.

Core Values

RESPECT: Treating everyone with Aloha, honoring the rights of all individuals

INTEGRITY: As a law enforcement agency of character and principle we are guided by a moral compass in all of our decisions

COLLABORATION: Build strong partnerships with the community and first response agencies for addressing community-wide challenges that impact community welfare

DIVERSITY: We embrace the strength of diversity in our employees and our communities.