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A civil service appointment is made through the merit-based, civil service recruitment and selection procedures.

Job OpportunitySRNumber of VacanciesLocation
CHEMIST IVSR 221Narcotics Division
INFORMATION TECHNOLOGYBand B1Administrative Services Office
INVESTIGATOR VSR 245Criminal Investigation Division
HUMAN RESOURCES SPECIALIST ISR 161Administrative Services Office
INVESTIGATOR VSR 241Narcotics Division
INVESTIGATOR VSR 241Director’s Office
PROGRAM BUDGET ANALYST IVSR 221Administrative Services Office
ACCOUNTANT IVSR 221Administrative Services Office
ACCOUNTANT IIISR 202Administrative Services Office
PROGRAM SPECIALISTS VSR 241Administrative Services Office
HUMAN RESOURCES ASSISTANT IVSR 111Administrative Services Office



An 89‐day non civil‐service appointment is made without the benefit of the civil service recruitment and selection procedure for a period not exceeding 89 consecutive calendar days or less than 20 hrs/week for 37 consecutive weeks.  89-day non-civil service appointments may be utilized when there is an immediate need to fulfill relatively short-term operational needs.

Exempt appointments are exempted from civil service pursuant to 76-16, HRS.  Employment is considered “at will,” which means that you may be discharged from employment at the prerogative of your department head or designee, subject to all applicable Federal and State employment laws.

*To apply, the application is attached to the job description announcement link. Complete and email to [email protected]

Please use the HRD 278 – Non-Civil Service Application to apply for 89-Day Appointment and Exempt Appointments.

“No Recruitment At This Time”


  • Hawaii State law requires that all State employees be Hawaii residents for the duration of their employment with the State. To learn more, please see: Information Sheet – Suspension of Residency Requirements for Applicants
  • Requirements for retirees of the State of Hawaii, Employees’ Retirement System, who are Returning to Work.
  • Job Fair Appearances – to be announced.
  • Don’t see a job that interests you? Submit a Job Interest Card to be notified by the Department of Human Resources Development about recruitment for positions in the Executive Branch in your area of expertise.
  • COVID-19 Vaccination Policy:  The Department of Human Resources  has rescinded the COVID-19 vaccination requirement for new hires assigned to work in congregate settings effective immediately.
  • Non-Discrimination Policy:  The Hawai‘i Department of Law Enforcement is committed to maintaining an environment free from discrimination, retaliation, or harassment on the basis of race, color, sex, national origin, age, or disability, or any other class as protected under federal or state law, with respect to any program or activity.
The following video tutorial will help you understand the process in order to apply to a State government position via our recruitment website.


For more information about employment opportunities with the Department of Law Enforcement and the application process, please contact the Human Resources Office by phone at 808-587-5036 or by email at [email protected] (preferred).

The State of Hawaii is an equal opportunity employer and complies with applicable State and Federal laws relating to employment practices.