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Narcotics Enforcement Division

3375 Koapaka Street, Suite D-100
Honolulu, Hawaii 96819
Phone: 837-8470
Fax: 837-8474
E-mail: [email protected]

Website: Narcotics Enforcement Division

The Narcotics Enforcement Division protects and promotes the health and safety of Hawaii by enforcing controlled substance and regulated chemical laws and pursuing the appropriate use of pharmaceuticals. They enforces laws and regulations and investigates criminal activity relating to controlled substances, medical marijuana, and prescription drug diversion. It also provides training on the aforementioned matters to law enforcement partners and healthcare professionals.

K9 Kahu is assigned as NED’s electronic storage device detection dog. K9 Kahu’s main duty is to help with criminal investigations by locating hidden electronic storage devices such as: cellular phones, electronic thumb drives, and memory cards.

Facebook: Kahu Lum Lee & ESD K9 Kahu 

Instagram: k9_kahu


• Enforce laws and investigate criminal activity relating to hrs chapter 329 (uniformed controlled substances act)
• Registration and compliance of practitioners and businesses that work with controlled substances and regulated chemicals
• Registration and compliance of medical marijuana dispensaries, laboratories and grow sites
• Manage the Hawaii prescription drug monitoring program (HI-PDMP)
(Formerly electronic prescription accountability system – EPAS)
• Forensic drug analysis services for various law enforcement agencies
• Training for drug clandestine laboratories
• Controlled substance legislation, scheduling and regulations
• Medication drop box disposal program
• Educate healthcare professionals on pharmaceutical diversion and misuse
• Community events and drug prevention education

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Partners in Community Programs

Information and resources for victims, family and healthcare professionals dealing with the Opioid Crisis and Addiction. More Information about the Hawaii Opioid Initiative.

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