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Maui Crisis Response: Information Transparency and Crime Prevention

One-Stop Information Spot

Verified Federal Resources and Accounts

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

Small Business Administration (SBA)

 Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Honolulu Field Office – (808) 566-4300

Verified County Resources and Accounts

Maui County

Maui Police Department (MPD)

Maui Fire Department (MFD)

Verified State Resources and Accounts

Department of Human Services

Department of the Attorney General

Department of Health

Department of Education

Department of Land and Natural Resources

Hawai‘i Emergency Management Agency

Major Non-Profit Organizations

If you are looking to donate monetary or physical resources, there are several large non-profit organizations actively assisting with West Maui’s recovery process. If you are someone who is in need of assistance, please use the table below to find and contact an organization that matches your needs.

Key: Facebook (FB), Twitter (X), Instagram (IG), YouTube (YT)

OrganizationSocial Media LinksMain Aid TypeCharity Check
Red Cross Hawai‘iFB | X | IG | YTShelterLink
Hawai‘i Community FoundationFB | X | IG | YTMultipleLink
People’s Fund of MauiFB | X | IGFinancial (applications to receive funds are currently closed)Link
Maui Humane SocietyFB | X | IG | YTAnimal WelfareLink
Maui United WayFB | X | IGMultipleLink
Maui Food BankFB | X | IGFoodLink
Pacific Birth CollectiveFB | IGPre- and Post-PartumLink
Council for Native Hawaiian AdvancementFB | X | IGNative Hawaiian AdvancementLink
Maui AIDS FoundationFB | X | IGHealth, LGBTQIA+Link
Hawai‘i Health and Harm ReductionFB | X | IG | YTHealthLink
Links on this page do not constitute endorsement by the State of Hawai‘i; the state is not responsible for any of the materials or offerings published by the organizations.