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Hawaii’s Cyber Defense Community of Interest

With the advent of the federal State and Local Cybersecurity Grant Program that prioritizes development of state cybersecurity plans, the Office of Homeland Security is working with relevant stakeholders to establish a 2022 grant proposal focused on development of the Hawaii Cybersecurity Program Plan. It is envisioned that the Hawaii Cybersecurity Program Plan will address Governance, Preparation and Protection, and Workforce Development:

Building Hawaii’s Cybersecurity Resilience

  • Developing a statewide cybersecurity communications platform that emphasizes protecting the state’s IT networks, defending critical infrastructure, 
  • Enhancing public safety / private sector cyber security partnerships; 
  • Protecting the state from cybersecurity events by enhancing information sharing
  • Allow partners the ability to report incidents directly to the Hawaii State Fusion Center and provide guidance on Reporting a Cyber Disruption 

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The HSFC serves multiple sectors in a “whole of community” approach.

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