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About the Hawai‘i Safe Keiki Alliance

In April 2013, the Hawai̔i Department of Education (DOE), the Hawai̔i State Fusion Center, and law enforcement personnel came together to create the Hawai̔i Safe Keiki Alliance.  We launched this website, a secured, members-only, web-based database that provides a common communication platform for real-time reporting of dangerous and serious incidents and concerns. 

Our statewide threat assessment team building efforts have created an opportunity to expand this information sharing program to additional education institutions.  Education personnel at the post-secondary level will have the opportunity to join K-12 schools and input information from dangerous and serious incidents occurring on their institution’s property and in their community.  The information is used to create mapping patterns and possible investigative leads. 

Law enforcement partners also have access to the website to provide education personnel with information and alerts.  These time sensitive reports allow education personnel and law enforcement to take the necessary steps and precautions to keep individuals and institutions safe, reducing investigation times and determining patterns as these events occur. 

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