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Resource Library

The Resource library provides a collection of downloadable Homeland Security Grant resources such as; forms, policies and procedures and other reference materials to assist  our grant recipients with the necessary resources during the grant lifecycle.

If you are looking for a specific document that isn’t listed in the resource library, please contact us via email at [email protected].

Document NameForm NumberUpdated
Exercise RequestOHS-0309/2020
Overtime ReimbursementOHS-0409/2020
Transmittal Reimbursement ChecklistOHS-0509/2020
Transmittal Reimbursement FormOHS-12A11/2021
Transmittal Fund Obligation ReimbursementOHS-6B02/2024
Overtime RequestOHS-0109/2020
DBWS Change RequestOHS-2B10/2020
EHP Screening FormN/A01/2024
Documents intended for use by our sub recipients
Document NameForm NumberUpdated
FY 2024 Homeland Security Grant Program Investment Justification Worksheet Templaten/a02/2024
Forms intended for use by everyone
Document NameUpdated
FY 2021 HSGP Procedure Manual03/2022
FY 2022 HSGP Procedure Manual09/2022
FY 2023 HSGP Procedure Manual02/2022
Policies and procedures intended for use by everyone