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Working to Keep Hawai‘i Safe

Our Mission: Resolutely safeguard the people of Hawai‘i, our community values, and our homeland.

Our Purpose: Protect and secure the State of Hawai‘i; provide for its safety against threats.


Unity: Harmonize efforts for the benefit of all who live in, serve, and visit Hawai‘i.

Honor: Demonstrate honesty, integrity, fairness, and credibility in everyday actions.

Vigilance: Always aware, alert, and prepared to face new challenges and threats.

Resilience: Withstand, recover, and overcome challenges to our security.


A Hawai‘i that is safeguarded against threats to security, stability, and resiliency.

OHS has multiple avenues for community involvement, engagement, and learning. Community members across all islands are a vital component to identifying and preventing terrorism within the state of Hawai‘i. Use the buttons below to learn more.

Check back soon for new career opportunities.

The Hawai‘i Office of Homeland Security and the Hawai‘i State Fusion Center often host in-person forums and symposiums on O‘ahu, covering topics like Critical Infrastructure, Homeland Security, and Targeted Violence Prevention.

For training and professional development opportunities, see the ‘upcoming events’ listed below.

Click here to learn more about our Homeland Security Forum.

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NSA Releases Maturity Guidance for the Zero Trust Network and Environment Pillar

March 12, 2024

The NSA has released a Cybersecurity Information Sheet, Advancing Zero Trust Maturity Throughout the Network and Environmental Pillar, that details curtailing adversarial lateral movement within an organization’s network to access sensitive data and critical systems. The guidance provides information on how…

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