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About Planning and Operations

The Planning and Operations Branch is responsible for developing the Hawaiʻi Homeland Security Strategy leading operational processes to ensure the Office of Homeland Security efficiently and effectively meets its mission to:

Resolutely safeguard the people of Hawaiʻi, our community values, and our homeland.

The Branch translates the State’s Homeland Security Strategy and policy guidance into mission execution through the development of operational and response plans, which guide and direct OHS’s and the state homeland security enterprise’s activities for priority threats and challenges to the state and national homeland security.  It oversees the statewide Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructure Programs and has lead for statewide planning and operational support for:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience
  • Emerging Threats

Additionally, the Branch manages the training and exercise elements related to OHS’s mission. It provides development and sponsorship of educational and training opportunities for practitioners across the homeland security enterprise on topics such as school safety, mass gatherings/large-scale events, and responding to threats like weapons of mass destruction and active shooter events. It also assembles relevant stakeholders, organizations, and support groups to exercise operational and response plans and prepare for various homeland security threats such as cyber incidents and disruptions, active shooter, HAZMAT issues, improvised explosive devices (IEDs), civil unrest, election security, and more. Contact OHS’s Plans and Operations Branch Chief  at [email protected] for additional information and opportunities.