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Homeland Security Forum

Homeland security is a highly complex mission space – ranging from critical infrastructure security to mass casualty incident response and cybersecurity – that challenges both government and industry to keep pace with a vast array of issues.

The success of the State of Hawaiʻi in this multi-faceted mission space is due in large part to the vibrant partnerships that have been, and continue to be, built between the Hawaiʻi Office of Homeland Security and the myriad of Federal, State, Local, and Private Sector entities engaged in ensuring “A Hawaiʻi that is safeguarded against threats to security, stability, and resiliency.” The Homeland Security Forum has been established to be a vital and active element of this partnership.

The Homeland Security Forum will bring critical infrastructure entities and other private sector partners together with senior Hawaiʻi Office of Homeland Security officials and other leading federal, state, and local decision makers and practitioners, providing government and the private sector with an effective channel to collaborate, socialize concerns, and deliver valuable thought leadership in the interest of securing the State of Hawaiʻi, and thereby, our nation.

Through the Forum, the Office of Homeland Security and the Hawaiʻi State Fusion Center work closely with participating organizations to ensure that each has the news and information it needs to fully understand the impact of emerging priorities and issues across the state’s homeland security enterprise. Furthermore, the Forum’s partnership model helps business leaders engage senior government officials and extend their professional network in the homeland security arena.

As new challenges emerge and the homeland security mission continues to evolve, our Homeland Security Forum will be there to bring the most capable and experienced from government and industry together to deliver innovative solutions that will resolutely safeguard the people of Hawaiʻi, our community values, and our homeland.